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Dave Silvester


Rent-A-Monkey is the home of Dave Silvester - a freelance website programmer based in Ceredigion, Wales, UK.

During my time working at a company where website quality and accessibility were routinely sacrificed in the name of corner cutting, and where customer naïvety about web technology was exploited whenever possible, I decided I'd finally had enough of being told to do a bad job, and that it was time to go it alone!

Rent-A-Monkey is founded on the principle that it's worth going the extra mile to ensure a top-quality product, and that corners should never be cut at the expense of doing things well.

My obsessive attention to detail and technical excellence goes into every aspect of all Rent-A-Monkey sites, meaning that the finished product not only looks great, but works fantastically across a plethora of web technology too.

It's all about strict adherence to W3C standards, which comes as standard with all Rent-A-Monkey sites. That's more than can be said for plenty of my competitors, who are stuck in 1996, outrageously bodging their HTML to bring you flabby, braindead, inefficient websites built on obsolete technology - a despicable practice in the year 2016!!

So who actually does the work?

I do - that's the deal! You "rent" me to build you the kind of websites that will knock your socks off... not to mention your visitors socks too!

However, I'm not alone in my quest, as I regularly work with other members of the web industry who share in my serious passion for doing things properly - from award winning graphic designers to other like-minded programmers.

Due to the adaptable size of our team, we are well equipped to organise, manage, design and build all manner of websites between us - from single-page information sites right up to large scale web applications.

No project is too big or too small, so why not get in touch and ask for a quote?

In Conclusion...

I'm completely obsessed with the workmanship that goes into each site, and utterly refuse to cut corners on quality. I'm passionate about every last detail, and strive for a realistic amount of perfection in everything I do.

Rent-A-Monkey sites have the utmost care, effort and expert knowledge poured into them from the very beginning, and it positively radiates throughout the finished product, in a way that both you and your website visitors will notice.

So, if you're tired of ugly, overpriced, badly made websites from faceless conglomerates who only care about profit, and are looking for that extra bit of quality craftsmanship and personal, tailored service to put your website several cuts above the rest, then look no further than Rent-A-Monkey to build you something rather special.

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