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Fruit trees are beautiful and delicious additions to your yard, but they can be some of the most vigorously-growing trees. When fruit trees get out of hand, they can become a nuisance or even begin to present a danger. Rent-A-Monkey offers fruit tree pruning services in Salt Lake and Parker City, Utah. We understand the specialized approach necessary to keep each type of tree growing cleanly and healthily. Learn more about our fruit tree pruning services.

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Understanding Fruit Tree Pruning

Just as you routinely cut grass, you must regularly prune your fruit trees. When you work with a team of fruit tree pruning experts, they take the hassle off your hands. We use our understanding of each tree to trim it by hand, keeping branches away from your home and utility lines while promoting the optimal growth of the tree and its fruit.

Knowing When Your Fruit Tree Needs Trimmed

Depending on how rapidly your fruit tree grows, you might need to prune it every year. If you are not an experienced tree service professional, it might be easy to miss some of the tell-tale signs that you need to prune your fruit tree. Some of the common signs that your fruit tree needs to be pruned include:

  • Broken or misshapen branches
  • Dead or diseased limbs
  • Branches growing near a utility line
  • Damage from a storm
  • Excessive growth
  • Cracks in the bark or branches

A Special Approach for Every Type of Tree

No matter what type of fruit tree you have, Rent-A-Monkey can prune it for you. We have experience working with all sorts of trees, from peach trees to apple trees. We understand the unique shape and care that each tree needs. The ways that we approach each type of tree differently include:

  • Apple, Cherry, Plum, and Pear Trees: These trees benefit from being pruned into a pyramid shape, with a single leader limb that climbs up to the highest point of the tree.
  • Plum, Nectarine, Apricot, and Peach Trees: This category of trees will look and grow best when shaped like a vase with no central leader limb.
  • Miniature Fruit Trees: Smaller fruit trees might not require shaping, but they must be thinned out during the dense-growing season to encourage new growth in the right parts of the tree.

The Advantages of Fruit Tree Pruning Services

Do you need to prune your fruit trees? Just like any other tree in your yard, your fruit trees will grow out of control and become a problem if not maintained. There are many reasons why your fruit trees will benefit from routine pruning. Those benefits include:

  • Creating the appropriate shape for that type of fruit tree
  • Maintaining the height of trees
  • Allowing sunlight and water into the center of the tree
  • Improving air circulation within the tree to reduce chances of mold, mildew, or disease
  • Removing dead or broken branches
  • Preventing branches from obstructing views or interfering with utility lines

Have You Considered Off-Season Pruning?

You might hear that it is best to get fruit tree pruning services in the late winter, between February and March. While this is true, that does not mean you should put off pruning your tree until next winter. When your fruit tree requires pruning, it is best to call a professional at Rent-A-Monkey now. The longer you let your fruit tree grow out of control, the worse the problem will get. We can help you understand the best way to prune your tree no matter what time of year it is.

Fruit Tree Pruning Pros in the Salt Lake Metro and PC Area

Established by veterans, our team of fruit tree pruning experts knows what it means to do a job right. We focus on providing homeowners in the Salt Lake Metro and PC area with the most reliable fruit tree pruning services found anywhere. On top of that, we also offer various other tree services, including utility line clearance, stump grinding, and tree trimming.

Get a Free Fruit Tree Pruning Estimate Today!

Our mission is to make tree services as convenient and accessible as possible. In our efforts to do that, we have decided to offer free estimates on all tree services. Whether you need fruit tree pruning or stump removal, our team will explain the process and give you a detailed estimate. We also offer 24/7 emergency service when a tree or branch poses an immediate risk. Contact us today to get your free fruit tree pruning estimate.

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