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Fruit Tree Pruning in Salt Lake & Summit Counties, UT

Ensure your tree fruit grows vibrantly and that your shrubs thrive throughout the year with Rent A Monkey Tree Service, a leading provider of fruit tree pruning for Summit County, UT, and surrounding areas. For years, our ornate services have preserved the lifespans of countless trees and stubs and satisfied property owners. After we are done pruning, your trees and shrubs will receive adequate sunlight and airflow while remaining protected from weather and storm damage. We will fulfill a total cleanup and haul away all debris from your property, leaving it as clean and tidy as it was before we arrived. All of our project estimates include cleanup and haul away. Ask us how you can save up to 50% with our Cut & Leave service.

walkway lined with well groomed greenery

Ornamental Pruning for Property Aesthetics

An unpruned tree or shrub will eventually grow wildly and untidily. Aside from the tree or shrub looking unkempt, it can also make the rest of your property look old and rundown, or as if you don’t care about your curb appeal. Our ornamental pruning services provide your trees and shrubs with shape and depth. Your friends, family, and guests will enjoy the beauty of your pruning job, while your property’s look will attract potential buyers if you ever decide to sell.

Ornamental Pruning for Tree and Shrub Health

Ornamental pruning is for more than making your property beautiful. Pruning is a health service that helps your plant’s vitality and preserves its lifespan. How does this work? By removing excess growth, your tree or shrub can regulate and allow enough sun, light, and water to stay healthy. A pruning job results in evenly distributed growth and a greener, lusher plant that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Here for Your Fruit Tree Pruning Needs

Whether you need a pruning service for your plant’s beauty, health, or both, our commitment is unmatched. During your free estimate, we will assess the scope of your pruning and your specific needs. Our team is honest and reliable and provides a detailed list of services. We will provide over three decades of expertise to cultivate a healthier and more beautiful plant. Ask us about our Cut & Leave service and save up to 50%.

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