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Certified & Equipped to Work Around Power Lines

Clearing trees from power lines is a dangerous, challenging job that should be left to professionals. Rent A Monkey Tree Service is certified and equipped for power line clearance in Salt Lake and Park City, UT. We will safely and legally trim and remove trees near utility lines. Our skilled climbers serve public and private entities with the highest level of dedication and professionalism. Our team will carefully remove branches, limbs, and vegetation encroaching on your power lines from beginning to end. We have over 50 years of combined tree trimming and removal services. Contact us for a quote today! 

Why Do You Need Power Line Clearance Professionals?

Power lines are fragile and can cause severe injuries and death if they aren’t taken seriously. If a tree branch or limb falls and breaks a power line, the neighborhood could lose power, or a fire could break out. Utah legally requires power line clearance with specific rules and regulations. It’s critical only to choose a certified power line clearance service to ensure the safety of you and your property. Our team will do the job the right way, including:

  • Certified Clearance – Our team possesses the highest certifications required by the industry and state.
  • Security and Compliance – We follow strict safety protocols and guidelines from start to finish.
  • Law-Abiding Services – We are equipped to meet legal requirements and perform services according to their precise demands.
  • Heavy-Duty Tools and Equipment – Our skilled team is equipped with industry-renowned, commercial-grade trucks, lifts, and machinery.
  • Complete Post-Project Cleanup – Removing debris and hauling it away is included in our free estimate.

Power Line Clearance Services

Rent A Monkey Tree Service offers all types of power line clearance services, from routine projects to challenging emergency services. We offer:

  • Removal and trimming of trees along power lines, utility lines, and transmission circuits.
  • Ground and aerial clearance to ensure that roadways are open and functional during the project.
  • Clearance before and after storms and weather events.
  • Emergency services.

What Does It Mean to Be Line Clearance Certified?

Our team is extensively trained and certified to work with power lines around trees. Line-clearance tree trimmers can legally operate within ten feet of energized power lines and equipment. It’s critical to work with a professional team in the presence of dangerous power lines. Our certified technicians receive training, are familiar with specific equipment and hazards in line clearance, and have the ability to perform special techniques for the job.

worker trimming tree for power lines

Why Choose Rent a Monkey Tree Service?

Rent A Monkey Tree Service specializes in tree removal services. We are licensed and certified to ensure power line clearance services go as safely and efficiently as possible. Our veteran and locally owned company always put your safety first. Our innovative equipment helps us do the job right the first time.

Contact Rent a Monkey Tree Service

When you need power line clearance services in Salt Lake Valley, we are here for you. We offer fast and free estimates for all our services. We also provide emergency tree removal servicesContact us today to get a free quote.

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