Your Spring Tree Service Checklist

Spring Tree Care in Salt Lake City, UT

With every change in season and weather comes a new opportunity to care for the plants, trees, flowers, and landscaping that make your property beautiful. In spring, trees experience new growth and rejuvenation, becoming more and more beautiful as they head into the warmer months. In order to pave the way for new tree growth, it’s important to follow a spring tree care checklist. A spring tree service checklist ensures you are getting the right seasonal tree care so your trees can go into the warmer months happier and healthier than ever.

At Rent-A-Monkey Tree Services, our tree specialists have decades of experience in spring tree services. We will provide a full tree assessment to evaluate the health, risks, and growth of your trees, and then provide professional tree trimming and pruning services. To learn more about our spring tree care checklist and how it can improve the health and beauty of your trees, call us today.

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Why Spring Tree Care Is Essential

Spring tree services are essential because unhealthy, diseased, or broken trees pose a risk to public health and safety. Unstable trees and branches have a risk of falling and injuring someone or damaging property. Dead trees and fallen debris also make great homes for pests, which can cause further damage to your trees, and those pests may eventually decide to venture into your home or business. Annual or seasonal tree services in Salt Lake City also ensure your tree maintains its health and beauty. Whether your trees are only visible by you and your family, or are in an area of public access, they will be at their best when they are well cared for and healthy. Finally, spring tree services also create a welcoming, safe, shady space for you, your family, and visitors to enjoy!

Preparing for a Tree Risk Assessment

Before we visit your home or business for tree services in Utah, you can do a few things to prepare for our tree risk assessment. Take note of which trees we’ll be servicing, so you can tell our tree specialists when we arrive. Clear away any furniture, decorations, refuse, firewood, potted plants, or anything else that might get in the way of our tree specialists when they are evaluating the health of your trees. Make sure all animals are secured so they won’t get in the way of our ladders and equipment. Our tree specialists work best when they have clear and easy access to your trees and their branches and roots.

Our Process for Tree Risk Assessments

When you contact us for spring tree services in Salt Lake City, the first thing we’ll do when we arrive at your home or business is conduct a tree risk assessment. This means that we’ll inspect all trees for signs of disease and damage. Winter cold can cause problems with fragile branches, especially if they have been weighed down by snow. We’ll check for broken branches, holes, mold, fungi, pests, and any other issues. Animals sometimes nest in trees during the winter when they’re trying to get out of the cold, so we’ll also look for signs of nests and animal damage. Another common problem in the cold months is winter burn, which is when trees and plants dry out during the winter. We’ll look for cracks, burns, and dry rot. We will determine whether the trees need pruning, branch removal, or supportive cables. In the case of a tree that is damaged beyond repair, we may recommend tree removal.

Spring Tree Trimming and Pruning

Our spring tree trimming and pruning services in Salt Lake City include removing twigs, leaves, branches, and other materials from beneath and around trees. We will also remove any coverings put in place to protect the trees during the cold winter months. We will then get to work on removing dead branches, pruning branches that are unstable or pose a danger, and removing dead wood. Pruning and trimming away unhealthy or dead leaves and branches makes way for new, healthy growth. We will then care for your healthy branches so they are in the best shape for growth heading into the spring and summer. Finally, we’ll remove and safely dispose of any tree pruning and trimming waste and debris.

Dead Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

If we determine that you need professional tree removal in Salt Lake City, we can schedule a time to come back and safely remove the dead tree. We are extensively trained in safe tree removal services, are licensed, insured, and certified, and we have access to specialized equipment that allows us to safely and completely remove dead trees, so they no longer pose a risk to anyone’s safety. We also offer stump grinding services so the area is cleared and restored for new use. We can either fully remove and dispose of tree detritus and waste, or cut the tree into firewood for you and your family.

Spring Tree Services in Salt Lake City, UT

If you need help trimming and pruning your trees or have dead trees that need tree removal or stump grinding in Salt Lake City or Park City, call us today at Rent-A-Monkey Tree Services. We offer reliable, professional tree services that are guaranteed to be the highest quality and most affordable in the Salt Lake City metro area. Our team is dedicated to providing swift, reliable tree services that leave your trees healthier than when we arrived. To learn more about our spring tree services in SLC and surrounding areas, just call us today or contact us online.

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