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Rent-A-Monkey: The Best Way to Remove a Tree Stump

You’ve probably heard about a thousand different ways to remove a tree stump, from burning it to using a chainsaw. If you’re a safety-minded homeowner wondering how to remove a tree stump, you should know that hiring a professional is the only safe and effective method. When you use a professional stump removal expert, the results will speak for themselves. Rent-A-Monkey can remove a tree stump painlessly for anyone in the Salt Lake and Parker City, Utah area. Learn more about the risks of DIY stump removal.

A man removing the stump with drilling in Salt Lake City, UT

Why Should You Remove a Tree Stump in the Frist Place?

Before you decide how to remove a tree stump, you need to determine whether you need to remove it in the first place. While removing a tree stump always makes your yard look cleaner and more natural, there are some other reasons for removing a tree stump, including:

  • Preventing the spread of rot, mold, or fungus
  • Eliminating a potential source of insect infestations, such as termites or carpenter ants
  • Create more space in your yard
  • Stop the tree from growing back
  • Plant a new tree in the same place as the old one

Top Five Risks of Removing a Stump on Your Own

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to get that old, unsightly stump out of your yard, you might be among the many well-meaning DIYers who start thinking about doing it yourself. You might have heard a friend talk about digging their stump out of the ground or using a special chemical to burn it. While these stories might make it sound appealing, there are many reasons that stump removal services should be left to a team of professionals like Rent-A-Monkey. Below are the top five reasons you shouldn’t try DIY stump removal.

You Need Special Equipment

No matter how you choose to remove a tree stump, it is going to require special equipment. That means rental costs and taking the time to learn to use a complex piece of machinery like a stump grinder. If you do not have experience using this equipment, you might struggle to get the job done. Even worse, you may injure yourself if you misuse the equipment. When you work with a professional, you will see that their skill with a stump grinder is artful, and no one except another trained professional could match the quality of their services.  

It’s a Dangerous Job

While it may seem like you can just hack away at a stump until it comes out of the ground, it is actually a much more delicate job than it may seem at first glance. The correct way to remove a tree stump requires a careful process that follows strict safety techniques developed from years of training and experience. From injuring yourself with the equipment to cutting into utility lines, those who try DIY stump removal often put themselves at a greater risk than they realize.

You Might Damage Your Lawn

Your tree has roots that stretch throughout your lawn, and if you attempt to dig up the tree, burn it, or cut it out, you are very likely to cause extensive damage to your lawn. While removing a tree stump always includes some disruption to the area of the lawn immediately surrounding it, professionals can minimize that impact. DIY stump removal may damage large areas of your yard, which can take years to recover, but a team of professionals can precisely remove the stump and leave a fresh, flat patch of soil.

You Need to Deal With Underground Utilities

It is easy to forget that a whole world of utility lines exists underground. You may not be aware that there’s a lot more than just roots underground. If you start digging on your own, you could be surprised when you strike electrical wiring or plumbing. This can be a safety hazard and an inconvenience to repair. Professionals map out all utility lines ahead of time to ensure they only dig in the places where it is safe to do so.

It Might Take You Too Long

Trying to remove a stump on your own, even if you have the proper equipment, will be a timely chore. On top of that, you may spend a whole weekend trying to remove a stump only to realize you don’t have the experience or expertise necessary to get the job done. When you work with someone who knows how to remove tree stumps, they can quote an exact timeline and get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take you alone.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Professional Stump Grinding

Hopefully, you’re realizing that it’s not such a great idea to try removing a tree stump by yourself. Even when you decide to work with a professional, you need to choose which way to remove your tree stump. The most effective and affordable option is stump grinding which uses a grinding wheel to precisely remove all parts of the stump and surrounding roots from the area and turns the wood into much. While anyone can rent this equipment, it is much better to let a professional handle the job. Below are the top five reasons to use a professional when grinding a stump.

It’s the Most Reliable Way to Remove a Tree Stump

When an experienced professional grinds away your tree stump, they will leave you with reliable results. The ground will be flat, even, and free of any noticeable roots. Amateurs often leave lumpy patches of earth with sagging craters that indicate that the stump was once there.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

The main reason anyone thinks about removing a stump on their own is to avoid the cost of paying a professional. In reality, most people are surprised to find out how affordable the service can be for them. When comparing the costs, don’t forget to calculate the equipment rental, the value of your time, and the worth of the results.

Remove Small and Large Tree Stumps

A tree service company like Rent-A-Monkey knows how to remove tree stumps of any size. You might be intimidated by a large tree stump, but we have proven ways to remove tree stumps no matter how big they are. You might think that you know how to remove small tree stumps, but you’ll be surprised to find that they are much more firmly rooted in the ground than they appear. They are no problem for our stump grinders, though. We can remove small stumps without disturbing the area of the lawn surrounding it.

Eliminate the Chance of the Tree Growing Back

You may be able to cut a stump close to the ground, but it will continue to grow and throw up shoots. As it grows, it will suck nutrients from any surrounding plant life. The only way to prevent regrowth from a stump is to remove it. The most effective way to completely remove tree stumps is with grinding performed by a professional. When the entire stump is removed, and the soil is replaced, you can plant anything in that spot without the regrowth of your tree, sapping nutrients from it.

Skip the Backbreaking Labor

Even for world-class stump removal experts, grinding away a large stump is a lot of work. It is even more of a hassle if it isn’t something you do every day. Trying to remove a stump on your own can take up a lot of time, and it is sure to physically exhaust you no matter how you remove it. Give yourself a break and let a team of pros handle it.

How to Choose a Professional Stump Removal Team

When choosing a company for stump removal services, you want to ensure you are working with a qualified team. When interviewing a potential stump removal expert, you might not know where to start. Some questions you might consider asking include:

  • Are you insured?
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
  • Will you leave any mess behind?
  • How deep will you grind the stump?
  • Do you clear away the wood after?
  • Do you provide soil to fill the hole?
  • What experience do you have?
Our Local Salt Lake Metro and PC Stump Removal Team

Rent-A-Monkey is a veteran-owned tree service company in the Salt Lake metro and PC area. We can remove tree stumps painlessly. Our team of professionals is fully insured. We use the most up-to-date stump grinding equipment and don’t leave any mess behind when the job is done. When you work with us, you will see that we pay careful attention to our results, grinding away stumps and leaving flawless patches of lawn that give no sign a tree was ever there.

Get a Free Stump Removal Estimate Today!

If you need to remove a tree stump painlessly, Rent-A-Monkey offers free estimates for all tree services, including stump removals. One of our experts will visit your home, assess the stump, and give you a free quote for the price of removing it. Contact us today to get your free tree stump grinding estimate.

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