Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal in Salt Lake, Utah

Rent-A-Monkey’s Guide to Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

It can take a medium-sized tree stump 10 years or longer to decompose naturally. With the help of a skilled professional, you can grind away or remove stumps around your property in just a few hours. Once you decide to remove the stump, you’ll probably start wondering what your options are. There are many different methods of stump removal, including stump grinding. Join us as Rent-A-Monkey compares stump grinding vs. stump removal in Salt Lake and Parker City, Utah. Learn more about the differences between stump grinding and stump removal.

Tree Stump grinding and removal
Tree Stump grinding and removal

What Is Stump Removal?

Stump removal is a general term used for any method of eliminating a stump from your yard. However, when people talk about stump removal, they often use it to refer to the excavation of a stump. This type of stump removal can involve digging up the stump and pulling it out with cranes and other heavy-duty equipment. This removes all of its primary root structure from the ground. The process involves digging in a wide area of your yard, and it can leave large impressions in the area left behind. However, it offers the benefits of making ample space for replanting and eradicating any large roots that could be infested with wood-boring pests.

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding has become the preferred method for getting rid of stumps, especially on residential properties. A stump grinder is a small piece of equipment that might look somewhat like a lawnmower with a sawblade attached to the front. This grinding wheel has teeth similar to what you would find on a chainsaw. A skilled operator can use the grinder to chip away stumps of any size. The grinding typically penetrates about 6 inches into the ground, turning any roots or pieces of tree trunk into reusable mulch.

The Differences Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal?

The primary difference between stump grinding and stump removal is the extent to which the stump is taken out of the ground. A removal typically gets all the roots, which can stretch very far when working with big trees. Stump grinding cuts away the stump and the ground immediately surrounding it.

When you compare stump grinding vs. stump removal, it becomes clear that stump removal is the better option for most situations. Entirely excavating a stump is not necessary for most homeowners, and it is a much more costly job. On top of that, it causes a significant disruption to your lawn. A precise stump grinding will leave your yard unharmed and ready to use. However, there are some instances when stump removal is the way to go. If you need to eliminate the deepest roots of a tree completely, then excavating the tree may be necessary. This guide will help you understand which is right for you.

Why People Prefer Stump Grinding

If you are trying to decide whether to use stump grinding or excavation to remove your stump, you should start by considering the benefits of stump grinding. It has become one of the most popular ways to remove stumps because of its simplicity and affordability. Unlike digging up an entire tree stump, stump grinding does not need to be a major project. Learn about some of the top reasons that people choose stump grinding over stump removal.

Stump Grinding Is Quicker

The total removal of a tree stump can be a long, drawn-out project because it often involves using major construction equipment and large crews of workers. Stump grinding can often be done by a single operator, and the timeline for the project can be as quick as a tree trimming service. Companies specializing in stump grinding, like Rent-A-Monkey, can give you a detailed timeline for stump removal. You can rest assured that it will always be a quicker job than excavating the tree stump.

More Affordable Than Stump Removal

Anytime you make improvements to your yard, budget is a significant factor. Tree stump removal is no different. When you compare the cost of stump grinding vs. stump removal through excavation, you might be surprised at how affordable grinding can be. In some cases, tree stump removal is twice as expensive as grinding. This is because excavation is a larger project and requires more resources, like time, workers, and machinery. The simplicity of stump grinding allows the service to be much more budget-friendly while offering the same functional results.

Grinding Can Handle the Biggest Stumps

A tree stump grinder chips away at a tree stump one layer at a time. This method means that a stump grinder can eliminate stumps no matter how big they are. When excavating a stump, it becomes more difficult the larger it is. Large enough stumps require cranes and special permits to remove. On the other hand, a stump grinder can chip away every inch of the tree stump, leaving no sign it was ever there. Your stump grinding team can even grind away areas where remaining roots have become exposed and pose a tripping risk.

Less Disruption to Your Lawn

One of the best things about stump grinding is that it offers the least possible disruption to your lawn and the surrounding area. First, the equipment is small and will not damage your grass. More importantly, the grinding wheel on the stump grinder is as precise as a saw blade. We can mark out the specific area and remove all signs of stumps and roots to the desired depth. When you try to fully remove a stump by digging it up, you have to disrupt areas of your lawn where the roots have stretched. On top of that, it requires digging a deep hole where the tree trunk is.

Stump Grinding Is Friendly to the Environment

Grinding your tree stump is the most environmentally friendly way of removing it. Stump removal often involves a highly concentrated potassium nitrate that softens the wood and the surrounding soil. Stump grinding is a clean process requiring zero chemicals. Additionally, the wood from your tree stump is turned into mulch which you can reuse in garden beds or around other trees.

When You Might Want Stump Removal Services

After hearing about all the amazing benefits of stump grinding, the idea of excavating and completely removing your tree stumps might not seem like a good use of time or money. While most residential homeowners will be best served by stump grinding, there are a few key situations where you may benefit more from completely removing a stump.

If You Need to Remove the Entire Root Structure

Anytime you need to eliminate the root structure of a dead tree completely, you will need to excavate the stump. While grinding can completely eliminate the appearance of your tree stump, the deeper roots are not removed. The most common times when this is necessary would involve a spreading infestation, disease, or rot. In most cases, roots will decompose and provide organic nutrients to your soil. However, infestations can spread to other trees or even your home. In those cases, it may be wise to remove the stump altogether.

If You Need to Plant a New Tree

If you want to replant a new, fully-grown tree where your stump was, then stump grinding may not remove enough of the existing root structure to make way for the new tree. While stump grinding can go deep enough to make way to some trees, there are cases where the new tree is so large that excavation is necessary to plant the tree anyway. In this case, grinding might not be required.

If You Don’t Mind Damage to the Surrounding Area

If you need to remove a tree from an area that you don’t mind getting disrupted, then you might not mind excavating the tree. Areas like fields and wooded lots are often less harmed by a sunken section of soil than when a tree is in the front yard of a home. In those cases, you may prefer to remove the tree since you don’t mind disrupting the soil or surrounding grass.

Stump Grinding Is Not a DIY Job

No matter how you choose to remove your stumps, stump removal is not a DIY job. You may have heard of several methods for stump removal other than grinding, like burning it or cutting it out with a chainsaw. These methods are not reliable or safe unless performed by a trained professional. Countless well-meaning DIYers injure themselves every year trying to use stump grinders or remove stumps on their own.  

Stump Grinding Pros in the Salt Lake Metro and PC Areas

Rent-A-Monkey is the Salt Lake Metro and PC area’s premier tree service team. We offer quick, reliable, and affordable grinding services for stumps of any size. You’ll be blown away when you see how quickly and easily we can make your stump disappear. We also offer many other tree services, like tree removal and power line clearing.

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If you have a tree stump that is littering your yard, taking up space, and rotting, let us help you clean it up. We offer free estimates for all stump grinding services. A uniformed professional will come to your home, examine the stump, and give you a detailed quote for the cost of grinding it away. We make it that easy. Contact us today to get your free stump grinding estimate.

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