Preparing for Tree Removal: Tips You Should Know

Preparing for Tree Removal

When you hire a professional for tree removal services, you can rest assured that the job will be done quickly, safely, and with little disruption to your home life. In order to make sure that the tree specialists have access to the tree and the space they need to get the job done safely, you should do a few things to prepare for tree removal.

At Rent-A-Monkey Tree Services, our tree specialists have been removing trees for customers safely and efficiently for years. We have specialized tools, equipment, and training to remove trees without causing any damage to surrounding plants, trees, or personal property. To schedule an appointment for tree removal services in Salt Lake City or Park City, UT, just call us today.

Preparing for Tree Removal
Preparing for Tree Remova

Tree Removal Preparation in Salt Lake City

Before scheduling tree removal, you should get a tree assessment completed by a professional. A professional tree specialist will come to your home and evaluate the tree to confirm that tree removal is the only possible remedy. He can also take note of the size, species, and location of the tree in order to provide an accurate and fair estimate of the cost of tree removal. Before your tree specialist returns to your home to remove the tree,  you should make sure that the surrounding area is clear of any obstacles. This includes lawn furniture, gardening equipment, toys, playground equipment, potted plants, fencing, cars or other vehicles, and anything else that could get damaged during the process or block the tree specialist’s access to the tree. You should also make sure that all pets and animals are safely contained so they can’t get into the work area. You should also take note of any nearby plants or trees and ask your tree specialist how you can protect them during the tree removal process.

How to Tell When You Need Tree Removal

It can be hard to make the decision to remove a tree on your property, especially if it has been there for years. There are times, however, when it’s safer to opt for tree removal than run the risk that the tree will fall and injure someone or damage your property. Here are some signs that it’s time to remove a tree in your yard:

  • it is no longer growing leaves
  • it is dropping branches and leaves excessively
  • it has significant damage
  • it is blocking a roadway or pedestrian path
  • it is causing disputes with your neighbor
  • it is affecting the health of nearby plants
  • it is poisonous to pets or children
  • it has grown too close to your home, power lines, or another structure
  • it is rotten or hollow
  • it has new sprouts at its trunk
  • it is leaning severely

Alternatives to Tree Removal

If a tree isn’t dead or diseased, and isn’t posing an imminent risk to health and safety, it’s possible that you can find an alternative to tree removal. Bracing or staking a tree that is leaning might improve its structure. Pruning and trimming might remove dead branches and make way for new, healthy growth. Root pruning can save a tree that is causing damage to nearby asphalt, structures, or soil. A tree specialist can determine if the tree is salvageable or if it needs to be removed.

Tree Management and Tree Services

In order to prevent tree damage and maintain the health and beauty of your tree, you should schedule routine tree management and tree services with each season. A tree specialist can provide professional tree trimming and tree pruning services to keep your tree healthy and happy. He can also provide powerline clearance to remove branches that are encroaching on your power lines.

Our Tree Removal Procedure

Before we schedule tree removal services, we will come to your home or business to assess the tree. If we determine that tree removal is the only way forward, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote for the cost of tree removal services. Typically, we can schedule tree removal within a week of when we provide our quote. We also offer 24/7 emergency tree removal.

Once we schedule your tree removal, we’ll give you some tips for preparing for tree removal. On the day of the appointment, we’ll work quickly, safely, and efficiently to remove the tree with minimal disruption to your routine. We can then cut the tree into firewood for you and your family to use at a later time. We also offer stump grinding and root removal services so you can use the space where the tree once was for something new. When we’re finished, we’ll fill in the hole where the tree was, and take away all debris.

Find Out How to Prepare for Tree Removal in SLC

If your tree needs to be removed, contact us today at Rent-A-Monkey Tree Services. We can help you prepare for tree removal so the job can be completed easily and efficiently. We are a local, Veteran-owned business that has been providing quality, reliable tree services in the Salt Lake City metro area for years. In addition to tree removal services, we also offer stump removal and stump grinding, root removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, and emergency tree removal services. To learn more or schedule a tree assessment, just call us today or contact us online.

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