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Tree Removal in Salt Lake City & Park City, UT

At Rent A Monkey Tree Service, we value quality over quantity. This means providing the needed time, attention, and care for your tree removal in Salt Lake City, UT, and surrounding areas. For over three decades, we’ve meticulously planned and executed tree removal jobs for area residents. We account for every safety hazard and treat your property with dignity and respect. Our thorough post-service cleanup will leave zero traces that we were ever at your property or that a service was performed.

climber cutting done tree

Standard Tree Removal

Tree removal has been our company’s bread and butter for over 50 years. We handle and fulfill all kinds of standard tree removal jobs, including the most complex and challenging. Our team possesses the highest licenses and is certified to perform removals around power lines. Regardless of your tree’s size or proximity to your home, business, or power lines, our team is equipped with the tools and experience to remove it from your property safely. Our team starts the standard tree removal by learning if the targeted tree is alive or dead. Understanding this is crucial because dead trees come with significant risks that may require a crane, which we are licensed and certified to operate.

Large Tree Removal

Our lead climber, Kyle, spent 20 years of his tree removal career scaling pine trees over 100 ft. tall and safely cutting them down. Kyle and the rest of our team provide their commitment and advanced skills to remove the largest trees in the area daily. Some tree removals are too dangerous for climbers. In these cases, we usually reach out to local partners to find the most suitable crane for your service. We decide on the crane according to the scope and severity of your tree removal needs. Our planning before the project is comprehensive, and we account for every project detail before it begins to ensure safety and efficiency from beginning to end.

The Danger of Large Tree Removal

As a trained, licensed, and certified tree removal team with over five decades of experience, we understand how dangerous cutting down a large tree can be. Dead branches are particularly concerning because they are highly sensitive and snap easily and unpredictably. The most strategic and secure way to remove a large tree is by taking it apart one section at a time, which our crew does professionally. Our careful process ensures safety for our team and your property and significantly reduces risks. You never, under any circumstances, want amateur or inexperienced crews working on your tree removal. We recommend always hiring professionals if you want the job done right.

Our Tree Removal Process

There are five critical steps we take in every tree removal service to maintain safety and quality for our customers:

Our Commitment

We promise professionalism and a customer service-focused mindset from the beginning to the end of your tree removal. Our team arrives punctually and presents themselves with dignity and class for every service, including your free estimate. We remain honest and communicate with you openly before, during, and after the removal is complete. After the tree is cut down, we will use rakes, leaf blowers, trucks, and garbage bins to gather, haul away, and clean your property spotlessly. Did we accidentally damage your fence during the service? Don’t worry. We will come back to fix it free of charge. All of our project estimates include cleanup and haul away. Ask us how you can save up to 50% with our Cut & Leave service.

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