About Us

Our Commitment

Our commitment to customers is to be the highest quality tree service company in the Salt Lake City Metro. The Tree Industry isn’t always full of the most professional and qualified workers. We understand that because all of us at Rent A Monkey has worked for other unprofessional companies.

Our goal is to stand out by dressing professionally when we give an estimate, arriving on time, communicating with all our customers frequently, and most of all doing excellent work. We do not want to damage your property in the case of tree removal. We move your plants, adjust your flowers, talk with the neighbors, contact the power company if necessary.. etc.

We also try to leave your property looking spotless. We use rakes and leaf blowers to clean up your property and make it look like we were never there. If we don’t succeed simply call us and we will come back to make it look perfect. If we damage your fence, for example, we will come back to fix it, free of charge.

It is so important to have experienced arborists properly prune your tree. If done wrong, you can easily damage your tree, send it into shock, or even kill it.  Our highly skilled team will always prune your trees properly and leave them healthier than we found them.

Tree Evaluations

Do you need your dead or injured tree evaluated? Rent A Monkey does on-site inspections weekly in the SLC Metro area. Contact us for more information.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Rent A Monkey is on call 24/7 for Emergency Assistance. Whether power lines or a recent storm have affected you. We are ready to help you.

We’re Open to Ideas

If you think you could use our services for other needs, reach out today to discuss our capabilities. We’d be more than happy to have a discussion about your needs.

Meet the Team

UCFC Certificate
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ISA Certificate
TCIA Certificate

Utah CommunityForest Council Affiliated (UCFC)
ISA – Utah Chapter Members
ISA – International Members
ISA – Certified Arborist
ISA – Utility Specialist
ISA – Certified Tree Workers
TCIA Members
Certified Tree Safety Person (CTSP Certified)
Line Clearance Certified
Veteran Owned

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