Emergency Tree Removal Services in Salt Lake, UT

Salt Lake Valley’s 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

Time is of the essence if a dead or loose tree is about to fall on your property, and you only want professionals handling the job. When you need emergency tree removal services in Salt Lake and Park City, UT, Rent A Monkey Tree Service is here for you. We understand the stress and worry caused by a fallen tree or branch. We offer 24/7 emergency tree removal services to alleviate your stress. After service, we will clean up, haul away the debris, and restore your property to its original appearance.

worker performing emergency tree removal

When Do You Need Emergency Tree Services?

A fallen tree can severely damage your home and is a significant safety concern, while large branches barely hanging on can create a scary scene. Contact us for emergency tree services when you experience the following problems:

  • Storm Damages – If trees are uprooted after a storm or fallen branches cause a safety concern, we will remove the tree one part at a time.
  • Utility Lines Danger – Your trees may grow too close to the utility lines, or a limb may fall on a utility line and need professional removal.
  • Tree Disease – Some diseases affect the sturdiness of the tree, calling for emergency removal services.

Why Do I Need Professional Tree Removal Services?

It is critical never to try to remove a tree without the help of a professional tree removal service team. We are extensively trained and experienced in the emergency removal of trees. Some of the other best reasons to hire a professional tree removal service include the following:

Efficient Work

We make fast and accurate risk assessments of your emergency and work efficiently to remove your tree.


Our team has over 50 years of combined experience cutting and removing trees in emergencies.


We are always professional and offer the highest customer service to ensure you feel comfortable about the tree removal process.

Certified Company

We are licensed and certified to practice tree removal services.

Best Equipment

We utilize the best equipment that perfectly fits the emergency tree removal job.

How Much Is the Cost of Emergency Tree Removal?

Many factors affect the emergency tree service’s cost on your property. The cost of emergency tree removal services depends on the following:

  • Size of the tree or branch
  • Location of the tree or branch
  • Difficulty of access
  • Length of time for removal
  • Dangerous conditions for removal
two men tree trimming


Rent A Monkey Tree Service is a locally and veteran-owned business that is committed to your tree removal needs. You can expect a quick, convenient response after contacting us for an emergency tree service. Our exceptional customer service includes immediately answering your call or returning it in five minutes or less. We will remain devoted to your emergency requests and will not leave the job site until the service is done to your satisfaction. All of our project estimates include cleanup and haul away. Ask us how you can save up to 50% with our Cut & Leave service. Contact us today for a quote on our tree removal services.

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