Most jobs vary considerably. Reach out for a bid, and we will arrive on-site to give you an immediate estimate. We can typically bid on your job within a day or two, and have it scheduled next week!

Depending on the job we will quote jobs outside of the tree removal Salt Lake City Metro. Call, email, or text to see if you qualify for a bid. You can also send detailed photos in an email or text describing the job so we can give you an idea of the price.

Of course! Rent A Monkey is fully insured.

We climb trees of any size. But if you are nervous about a dead tree, an extremely tall tree, or a tree hanging right over your house that isn’t climbable, using a crane can be the best option for certain jobs.

If we are pruning your tree to trim branches and improve the health of your tree, we will not use climbing spikes. We will only use climbing spikes for tree removal Salt Lake City.

Every project estimate includes full cleanup and haul away and we never leave a job site until our customers are completely satisfied. Ask about how you can save up to 50% with our Cut & Leave service.

If you’re not home while we are at your residence that is perfectly fine, if we need to know anything just call beforehand. We’re here to help!

Credit Card, Venmo, Cash, or Check

During bids, we practice social distancing and wear masks to make customers feel comfortable. We don’t pressure you to shake hands, enter your home, or contaminate any area. We will happily work with you to make you feel safe.

Air spading is considered safe for trees when performed by trained professionals.

The timing of this service depends on the condition of the tree, the location of the tree, and the diagnosis.

Air spading is generally suitable for a wide range of tree types and sizes. However, a professional assessment should be used on a case-by-case basis to ensure it is safe for the tree and surrounding area.

While root rot can affect many plants, certain species and varieties are more susceptible than others. Plants that prefer well-drained soil can be more vulnerable, especially when exposed to prolonged wet conditions.

In some cases, yes. You can implement rehabilitation measures if root rot is detected early and the plant’s overall health is not severely compromised.

Root rot can spread from one plant to another, especially if the same soil, tools, or equipment are used on multiple plants.

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