The Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

Rent-A-Monkey’s Warning About the Dangers of Tree Removal

If you’re thinking about grabbing your chainsaw and hacking down that bothersome tree in the backyard, we’re here to talk you out of it. We hope this DIY tree-chopping intervention will show you that removing a tree on your own is not safe, even if it seems relatively small. You can avoid the dangers of DIY tree removal by hiring a team of experts in Salt Lake and Parker City, like Rent-A-Monkey. Learn more about the dangers of tree removal.

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What Can Happen When You Attempt DIY Tree Removal

There are countless risks to DIY tree removal. If you are not an experienced professional with the proper equipment, there isn’t really anything you can do to avoid these risks. The only way to completely avoid them is to leave the job to the pros. Some of the dangers of DIY tree removal include:

  • Injury: From cutting yourself with a chainsaw to falling off a ladder, you can seriously injure yourself by trying to cut down a tree by yourself. Even worse, falling trees and branches can injure others.  
  • Property Damage: One mistake and you can drop a branch or section of a tree onto a house, garage, or vehicle. It can be much more difficult to calculate where a tree will fall than you think.
  • Fines: In some areas, you need a special permit or permission from neighbors to cut down a tree. Failure to follow the correct procedure could result in costly fines.
  • Scarring Your Lawn: Falling pieces of your tree can cause massive holes and tear up your grass if you don’t know how to remove a tree correctly.

Common Reasons Injuries Happen During DIY Tree Removal

While many bad things can happen when you try to cut down a tree by yourself, the most serious of them is injury. Removing a tree is not worth your health, especially when professional tree removal services are so accessible and affordable. If you’re skeptical about how dangerous DIY tree removal is, here are some of the most common reasons injuries happen during a DIY tree removal attempt.

The Risk of Falling

Have you considered how tall your tree is? Cutting it down doesn’t start at the bottom. You usually need to trim some of the larger branches first. As a result, you need to climb a ladder into the heist parts of your tree. Falls have become one of the most common sources of injury during DIY tree removals. Falling from as little as 10 feet can cause permanent injury. Tree removal professionals use special safety techniques that keep them safe and prevent falls.

Dealing With Dangerous Equipment

If you attempt a DIY tree removal, your equipment might be the most dangerous part of the job. Operating a chainsaw is risky enough on firm land, but it becomes much more dangerous when an inexperienced operator tries to balance themselves in a tree. On top of that, knowing how to use a harness safely and other safety equipment requires special training that you likely do not have.

Parts of the Tree Falling in the Wrong Spot

It is easy to miscalculate and drop a large branch onto a house or car. For the average person, it may seem like they can just cut branches and watch them fall straight down, but experience tree removal experts know better. Even small-to-medium-sized branches are capable of causing a serious amount of damage if they fall on a person or object.

Working Around Power Lines

If your tree is near power lines, it is even riskier to try to remove it by yourself. Working near power lines puts you at risk of electrocution. It is very easy to lose track of a power line that runs through the brush of a tree and cut into it. You could even drop a tree branch onto the power line, cutting the power to the entire neighborhood.  

Getting Surprised by Dead or Decaying Wood

Trees are often filled with patches of dead or decaying wood. This presents a problem when trying to control the direction a tree falls. If you aren’t prepared, this can cause you to miscalculate the tree’s center of gravity. When that happens, the majority of the tree’s weight may not be where you think it is, and it could fall in the wrong place. Professionals can identify the degree of decay within a tree before cutting it down and adjust their process to compensate for it.

Not Having Enough Experience

Like all things, removing a tree takes experience. A lack of necessary experience causes many of the accidents that occur during DIY tree removals. An experienced professional has performed enough tree removals to know how to handle any potential situation. However, the average person does not know what to do when something goes wrong. When dealing with a falling tree, you often do not have the time to research what to do next. In those cases, experience is the only thing that can keep you safe. The experienced tree removal experts at Rent-A-Monkey have seen every possible problem and know how to handle it safely.  

The Benefits of Working With the Experts

Now that you know about the dangers of DIY tree removal, let’s look at some of the advantages of getting rid of a tree by working with a team of experienced tree removal pros. From increased safety to decreased stress, the advantages are endless. Learn about some of the benefits of working with an industry-leading tree removal company.

The Comfort of Safety

When you’re in the hands of a fully insured tree service team like Rent-A-Monkey, you know you’re safe. We use the strictest safety techniques to prevent accidents that involve you or our workers. We will clear the area ahead of time. On top of that, by removing yourself from the work of cutting branches and felling trees, your chances of being injured are virtually eliminated.  

Avoid Property Damage

You don’t have to worry about the risks of property damage when you let a professional tree removal company handle the job. Trained tree service specialists know how to cut branches and sections of a tree to precisely control the fall. Rent-A-Monkey takes time to carefully plot out where each branch and section of the tree will fall so that no property, including your lawn, is damaged during the removal.

Don’t Worry About Cleanup

Once the tree has been cut down, you need to decide how to dispose of it. The amount of wood from a tree can be a major hassle for a single person with an axe or a chainsaw to remove. Professional crews can remove the wood for you and dispose of it, or they can cut it into prearranged sizes, such as fire log size, and leave it for you to use at a later time.

Stump Removal Too?

A team of professional tree removers will be able to do more than just remove your tree. They’ll be able to help you remove your stump too. Stump removal is a job that is virtually impossible for anyone other than trained specialists. When you hire a dedicated tree service company, they can get the tree removal and the stump grinding services at the same time. Stump grinding removes any sign that the tree was ever there and leaves you with a fresh patch of soil ready for a new life.

Save Yourself the Backbreaking Labor

Another reason that you shouldn’t try to remove a tree on your own is to avoid stress and labor. Don’t spend your whole weekend in a tree, sweating and risking your health. With how affordable tree removal services are, it is not worth the time or money. Wouldn’t you rather just tell us which tree to remove and watch it disappear without lifting a finger?

The Salt Lake Metro and PC Areas’ Local Tree Removal Team

There are many reasons that you might need to remove a tree. Whether a tree is blocking your view or becoming dangerously unstable, Rent-A-Monkey is here to help. As a veteran-owned business, we are committed to providing the highest quality services found anywhere in the Salt Lake Metro and PC areas. We care so much that we offer 24/7 emergency services. If a tree or branch poses an immediate risk, we can dispatch someone immediately to help you remove it before it falls.

Get Your Free Tree Removal Estimate Now!

We hope that we have convinced you to avoid the dangers of DIY tree removal. If so, you might be wondering how much it would cost to get a tree removed from your yard. We offer free estimates for all tree removal services. Once you see how fair our prices are, you’ll want us to get started right away. Contact us today to get your free tree removal estimate.  

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