How to Grow Grass After Stump Grinding?

How to Grow Grass After Stump Grinding in Salt Lake City

Tree and stump removal gives you the freedom to use the space where the stump once was. By fully removing the stump and roots, you have the opportunity to plant a new tree, flowers, or grass. Preparing the ground for growth after tree removal and stump grinding is not difficult, and allows you to revitalize the space in a new, exciting way.

At Rent-A-Monkey Tree Services, we offer professional, affordable, and reliable tree removal and stump grinding throughout Salt Lake City and Park City, UT. We also offer emergency tree removal services for trees that are posing a safety risk. Once we have removed the tree stump and roots, we will haul away the debris or grind it into mulch or kindling for your use. We will also fill in the hole so you can prepare the ground for new planting. To learn more about our services, call us today.

Fresh Grass with water

Benefits of Stump Grinding and Removal

After a tree is removed, the remaining stump can be an eyesore. It can also present health and safety risks, as it can become a home to pests and animals. It may also be a tripping hazard, especially for young children. Tree stump removal ensures that the area is safe to use and also improves the aesthetics of your yard or garden. Once the tree stump is removed, you’ll have space to use the area in a more pleasing way, such as with a garden, plants, lawn furniture, and/or grass.

Hiring a professional for tree removal and stump grinding ensures that it is done as quickly, safely, and completely as possible. At Rent-A-Monkey Tree Services, we use specialized equipment and tools to fully remove the stump, roots, and any debris so you can get started with planting right away. We will ensure that the tree stump and debris are removed without causing any damage to your surrounding landscaping, trees, home, or property.

Clearing Out Debris From Stump Grinding

Before you can start preparing the ground for planting grass after stump removal, we will clear out any debris we created during the stump removal, stump grinding, and root removal. We will remove all plant material, tree parts, rocks, and roots and dispose of them safely. All tree roots need to be removed before you can begin planting any grass seeds or laying sod.

Filling in the Hole

Once the debris is completely removed and no roots or rocks are present, we will fill in the hole for you. We will carefully pack the hole with soil so it is ready for you to plant your grass.

Choosing Your Grass Seed

Once you have chosen the grass seed or sod that is best for your region, you can sow the seed into the smoothed topsoil and lightly rake the seeds into the soil. In Utah, some grasses are not the best choice for suburban landscaping, such as orchard grass and crabgrass. Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that is drought tolerant and can survive the heat and cold. Fine fescue grass is a cool-season grass that is best in low-traffic areas. It is shade tolerant, as well. Kentucky bluegrass is a cool-season grass that is beautiful in spring and fall, but struggles with drought and is susceptible to grubs and disease. Perennial ryegrass is a cool-season grass that pairs well with bluegrass and is disease resistant and fast-growing. Turf-type tall fescue is a cool-season grass that is drought resistant and disease- and insect-resistant.

Scheduling Watering or Irrigation Services

Once your grass seed is planted or your sod laid, you should consider an automatic watering or sprinkler system, or an irrigation system. The area should remain moist, especially for the first few weeks after planting. Grass seed needs about 5 days before germination, but it can take between 15-30 days depending on the quality of the seed and the temperatures. You can start watering less frequently once you have noticed the grass sprouting a greenish-brown color in the leaves and stalks.

Performing Seasonal Maintenance

Once your grass has grown in healthy and lush, you’ll need to consider seasonal care and maintenance. You may need a different watering schedule in the summer versus the spring or fall. You can also take steps to protect your grass in the colder winter months. Regular lawn care and maintenance will preserve the health and beauty of your grass.

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If you’re ready to remove an old or dead tree so you can plant grass, call us at Rent-A-Monkey Tree Services in Salt Lake City, UT. We specialize in fast, easy, affordable tree removal and stump grinding services throughout the Salt Lake City metro area. We can ensure that your tree stump and roots are fully removed, so you have the space to plant grass for your whole family to enjoy! To learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our tree specialists, just call us today or contact us online.

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