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Help Your Trees and Shrubs Keep Growing and Stay Healthy

Tree and shrub care, or more specifically, tree and shrub fertilization, applies nutrients to these plants, helping them grow and improving their overall health. This type of fertilization is offered by professionals that can assess the trees and shrubs and make the right recommendations for the type and timing of the fertilization. If you want to learn more about this service, contact Rent A Monkey today.

Should I Fertilize My Trees and Shrubs?

In a natural, wooded environment, trees and shrubs thrive independently without being fertilized. This is because the environment provides soil that is rich in nutrients. In residential landscaping, however, natural nutrients are limited, and it is much more difficult for trees and shrubs to get all the nutrients they need to grow. Having fertilized trees and shrubs is a great way to ensure that these plants get exactly what they need to thrive in a landscaping or backyard setting in Salt Lake or PC, UT.

The Right Time to Fertilize

There are two good times for tree fertilization and shrub fertilization:

  1. The Fall – In the fall, fertilization helps trees and shrubs recover the nutrients they lost throughout the sunny warm summer months.
  2. The Spring – In the springtime, fertilization gives plants essential nutrients to stay healthy and fight off infection and supports growth during the main growing season.

Why Choose Professional Tree and Shrub Care

Hiring a professional for tree and shrub care services offers several benefits, including:

  • Expertise in assessing plant health, diagnosing nutrient deficiencies, and developing tailored fertilization plans.
  • Specialized equipment and techniques to ensure even and precise application.

Consideration of factors like soil composition, plant species, local climate, and timing results in effective fertilization that promotes healthy growth and minimizes the risk of over-fertilization or environmental harm.

What’s Included in Tree and Shrub Care Services

Professional tree and shrub fertilization services typically encompass a range of components, typically inclusive of:

  • Soil Testing – Professionals conduct soil tests to analyze nutrient levels, pH, and other soil properties to determine precise fertilizer needs.
  • Customized Plans – Based on soil test results and plant assessments, professionals create individualized fertilization plans tailored to each tree and shrub’s requirements.
  • Nutrient Application – Professionals apply fertilizers using calibrated equipment, ensuring accurate and uniform distribution.
  • Monitoring and Adjustments – Ongoing services may monitor plant response to fertilization over time and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

Additional Rent A Monkey Tree Services

Residents in and around Salt Lake can take advantage of the wide array of services offered by Rent A Monkey. Our team has expertise in all things plants and trees. We are proud to offer the following services for residential properties:

  • Tree Trimming – Enhance the beauty of your trees by having our team remove excess growth and broken limbs or branches.
  • Tree Pruning – Professional pruning services ensure trees receive proper airflow, water, and sunlight so they can grow steadily and healthily.
  • Tree Removal – No matter the condition of the tree, our team can remove it from your property.
  • Utility Line Clearance – Utility line clearance tasks are easy for our team, and they follow strict safety guidelines.
  • Firewood Cutting – Turn that fallen branch into firewood for the winter.
  • Stump Grinding – Get rid of those dangerous stumps with quick but thorough stump grinding.

Request a Free Estimate Today

The first step towards healthier trees and shrubs is to contact Rent A Monkey for a free project estimate. Our team will be able to help you determine the right services for your landscaping, provide estimated costs, and get you on the schedule. We serve residences throughout Salt Lake and PC, UT with excellent expertise and customer service. Request a free estimate today.

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