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Sometimes you need help to keep your trees and plants looking amazing. You are trying to have the best landscaping on the street, right?  That’s where Rent A Monkey comes in. Our dedicated professionals are here to assist with quick projects and extensive undertakings in and around Salt Lake.

What Is Plant Health Care (PHC)?

Plant health care, also called PHC, ensures all plants have the right environment for sustainability and growth. It’s based on preventive care so beloved plants can thrive. Professional plant health care services provide extensive  knowledge and experience in areas including:

  • Tree and Plant Biology
  • Overall Soil Health
  • Fertilizing, Mulching, and Composting
  • Pruning
  • Treatment of Insects, Diseases, and Fungi

Why Is Plant Health Care Important?

Trees and plants are the main elements of a robust landscaping environment. The entire landscape can suffer when they do not thrive due to poor health. Proper PHC is preventive, ensuring plants and trees have what they need to grow and enhance the landscape. Healthy plants and trees lead to healthy environments that support a variety of other living things, like harmless insects and small animals.

Common Causes of Plant Health Problems

Like any other living thing on this Earth, trees and plants aren’t immune to health problems. The key is knowing the common problems that can affect plants so you can spot them early on and resolve them. The most common causes of plant health problems include:

  • Disease
  • Being Eaten by Insects
  • Fungi Infestation
  • High Traffic on Roots
  • Inadequate Drainage
  • Lack of Proper Nutrition

5 Signs You Need Professional Plant Health Care

So when is it time to call in the professionals from Rent A Monkey? Here are five signs that it’s time to give the team a call to help out your plants and trees:

  1. Abnormal Leaf Color – Something is wrong when the leaves on your trees or plants are no longer green. A professional can assess the situation, find the problem, and provide a solution.
  2. Deformed Leaves – Deformed leaves are a sign of harmful insects or diseases. Best addressed by a professional, knowing when and how to correctly treat the problem is the key to a proper, long-term solution.
  3. Bleeding Tree Trunk – Cankers can develop underneath tree bark and will appear to bleed. These cankers are like clogged arteries in the tree, blocking water and nutrients from getting to all the necessary parts of the tree, causing a negative impact.
  1. Deadwood – While healthy plants and trees can have dead branches, there should not be an extensive amount. For trees specifically, if there are loose limbs at the top, it is a sign of distress on the root system.
  2. Black Sticky Residue – If you find a black sticky residue on patios or other plants, insects are likely feeding on the plant. In addition to the insects eating the plant, the residue they leave behind can cause significant damage to objects nearby.

Rent A Monkey Tree Services

Rent A Monkey offers a full suite of tree services to residential properties in and around Salt Lake and PC, UT. Our tree trimming and tree pruning services are a great way to ensure your trees and plants are as healthy as possible. We also offer these services:

  • Tree Removal – Our team of skilled and experienced climbers can effectively remove regular and large trees from your property, no matter the tree’s health or condition.
  • Utility Line Clearance – Following strict safety guidelines, our team can fulfill any utility line clearance task.
  • Firewood Cutting – Take advantage of a fallen tree or branch by having our team come out and turn it into firewood. You will have a great stockpile of wood for your next big bonfire or the winter season.
  • Stump Grinding – Stumps on your residential property can be dangerous and ugly. Stump grinding allows for thoroughly removing these bits of trees left behind, among other benefits.

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If you are looking for help with your plants or trees in Salt Lake, you’ve found yourself in the right place. The team at Rent A Monkey is here to help with all your residential needs. We have a great team of experienced professionals waiting to serve you today. Click here to contact us and request a free estimate.

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