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Pests severely threaten the health and beauty of your trees and plants. Luckily, insect pest control can be used to identify the pests bothering your landscaping and get rid of them. Without pests or disease, your landscaping can thrive year after year.

Two Types of Tree and Plant Pests

Not all of the insects that live in your landscaping are harmful or considered pests. Many bugs help in plant pollination or serve as predators, keeping harmful pests away from your plants. That being said, two main types of pests are harmful to trees and plants

  1. Insect Pests – Split into three distinct categories, chewing insects, sucking insects, and boring insects can seriously damage plants and trees. Chewing insects eat leaves, flowers, and buds, impacting plant growth. Sucking insects feed on plant juices and disrupt the natural flow of nutrients inside a plant. Boring insects tunnel inside a tree or shrub, weakening its overall structure.
  1. Disease Pests – These pests carry a variety of diseases and can infect plants and trees. Some diseases will weaken the plant, allowing for the infestation of insect pests. Other diseases are powerful enough to kill a plant or tree completely.

What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Tree spraying is also part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a holistic approach to managing pests using environmentally friendly and economically viable pest control strategies to minimize pest damage while minimizing the risks associated with excessive pesticide use. Key components of Integrated Pest Management include:

  • Monitoring and identifying pests
  • Preventing pest infestations
  • Controlling cultural practices to discourage pests
  • Utilizing natural enemies of pests
  • Choosing effective pesticides

What Is Tree Spraying?

Tree spraying is used for plant preservation. This pest control method involves applying liquid solutions or pesticides to the foliage, stems, and branches of trees using specialized equipment. The primary purpose of tree spraying is to protect trees from various pests, diseases, and other harmful factors that can damage or compromise the health of the trees.

The Purposes of Tree Spraying

Tree spraying can serve several important purposes for residents in and around Salt Lake and PC, UT, including:

  • Pest Control – Insects and other pests can infest trees, causing damage to leaves, stems, and even the entire tree. Spraying pesticides helps control these pest populations and prevent or mitigate damage.
  • Fungal Disease Management – Many trees are susceptible to diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, or viruses. Tree spraying with fungicides or other disease-controlling agents can help prevent or manage these diseases.
  • Nutrient Application – Tree spraying can also involve applying fertilizers or nutrient solutions to improve the overall health and growth of the trees.

Environmental and Ecological Management – Tree spraying can also be used in environmental or ecological management, such as controlling invasive species that threaten native trees or pests that could negatively affect the local ecosystem.

When Is it Time to Have Your Tree Sprayed?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to have your tree sprayed, for example:

  • Do you know what pest or disease is impacting your tree? Without knowing what you are dealing with, you won’t be able to have the correct arborist spraying techniques used.
  • Can your tree thrive again? Spraying is great for trees in danger or dying, but not so far gone that they can’t be saved. If your tree has experienced significant die-off, spraying will not effectively bring it back to life.
  • Is it the right time of year? There are only certain times of the year when trees can be successfully sprayed due to pest and disease life cycles. Most spraying needs to be done in the spring because it’s typically too late once summer comes around.

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